Beyond the sky limit…

Creating boundaries would never let us touch the extremes. Why keeping things to oneself, better sail off to the tides of unknown. The inhibition in us would make us live with the “good enough”. Rather, why can’t we bring in us a timeless vision of building the “greatest”? It is definitely not easy to percolate the boundaries and reach out for the zenith, the route to which is unknown, infinite.

The physical space occupied by us is somehow so materialistic that we take our role in the stage of the world for granted. Physical presence and space could be transcended  to spiritual elements in which man lives unknowingly. The fact of “non-permanence” of the objects in and around us should make us realise that everything in this universe is subject to time; be it time’s hunger, time’s fury or rather time’s nature.

How far can we agree that everything has it’s own integrity? The manifestations of this integrity acts as the gravity which pulls down every entity, be it spiritual or corporeal, to its roots.

Ever noticed a “fallen flower” bereft of happiness, degraded, humiliated, dying; yet it blooms again with the same soul and essence, incarnated in another body. Flowers are the manifestations of the integrity of the plant or the esteemed trees. This shows the strength of the roots, the “ego” within the core.


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