Well, wikipedia has left no stones unturned in explaining what afterlife is and how does it vary from religion to religion.

But why can’t there be any concrete theory on the definition of afterlife? Maybe because unlike any other matters of life in this world, afterlife is a matter not only “of” death but also “after” death.

Whether it be a spiritual or corporeal element of this world, if it could be experienced, it could be verified and justified, provided there are footprints left behind for such matters. Because footprints happen to be the facts. And it’s the facts that prove theories and thus bridging the gap between a notion and a notation.

But death doesn’t leave it’s footprints. It just sweeps away the dead. And oh! The dead cannot speak of its experience. So we are left with no first hand experience of what afterlife is in reality.

Humans have a tendency to go to greater extent to quench the thirst. Therefore, they tried to get hold of the “self near death experience” rather than “self death experience” making afterlife a “factual myth” .


This is the excerpt for your very first post.

In this “e-age” it is nothing new to start a blog. Well, people find their areas of interest and start blogging. Nothing unlike this happens to be the reason even for me, why I came up with my blog.

But the only difference is that “” is not going to be something of particular interest. It means that anything under the sky which pulls you or even pushes you could be of a matter of interest here. Rather why not make it more interesting! Let the mind roam around, and let it start writing things up which crosses the mind. It’s going to fun.

I am going to blog about all the stuffs that ring a bell even in the deepest corner of my mind, heart, brain, whatever.

This blog could be a “stream of consciousness”.

So keep looking…